In cooperation with Koeru Kultuurimaja, we held a cozy concert where Tõnu Naissoo Trio performed:
Tõnu Naissoo – piano;
Taavo Remmel – double bass;
Artis Orubs – drums.
In addition to the trio, the evening was spiced up by a surprise performer – singer Liana Kullasepp, who sang evergreen musical songs accompanied by the trio.
Big thanks to the audience who applauded wildly for every solo. Many thanks to the organizers and helpers!
We look forward to new meetings!


Big thanks to the audience who applauded wildly for every solo!

Koeru Kultuurimaja said: Wonderful things are born from cooperation! Every little fragment makes a whole. We are deeply grateful for the magical concert!
Thank you, Tõnu Naissoo, Taavo Remmel, Artis Orubs, Liana Kullasepp and Arvo Stoltsen! You touched the tongues of our souls.
Thank you, Aular Soon, Hannes Aasa and Pille Soon, for choosing us as your cooperation partner!
Thank you, Kadi and Ahti Truus, Jarl-Joosep Ilves, Hannes Linno, Marko Sirila, Heli Kasemaa, Kaido Kuldner, Jüri Rajapu, Saima Tint, Sigrid Saar, Ülle Jäeger, Ants Aimsalu, the party was perfect thanks to you!
A big bow to all the concert goers for coming and enjoying yourself!

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