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High resolution DSD recordings on vinyl

This online store is for the sale of vinyl records recorded and produced by APSoon Recordings. Please visit Nativedsd for digital download.

You can also get information about new recordings, vinyl record presentations and projects here.


Our Mission

Timeless recordings

We, Priit Kuulber and Aular Soon, have made it our mission to record and produce Estonian classical and jazz music, doing it in a unique way in Estonia. All our recordings are acoustic and so-called live recordings. All instruments are played simultaneously, we do not make cuts or edits. We conduct recordings in acoustically suitable halls and churches. The recording format is the high definition format DSD (direct stream digital), which provides 256 higher resolution than a CD disc and is the closest format to analog recording.

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The Staff

Meet the Team

Our specialists


Aular Soon


Aular is responsible for the technical and marketing side. He ensures that the studio has new projects to record, that the technology is always the best possible, and that the musicians are taken care of.


Priit Kuulberg

Sound Engineer

Priit is the hardware of our studio, having recorded more than 600 recordings during his long career as a sound engineer. He installs the microphones in the right place, performs the first test auditions and contributes to the final sound image of the record.


Endel Apsalon


Endel is the man who brings us great image material, with which we can design the vinyl records we produce, write news and design homepages.


Lemmi Kuulberg


Lemmi is a perfect artist - she can design very creative and beautiful vinyl record covers, logos and other design elements from the collected materials.

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We deliver the ordered LP within 1-2 working days.

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DSD 256

Our vinyls are recorded in 256 DSD high definition format

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