Paide Church Organ – Andres Uibo

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Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit

Paide Church Organ LP (180g Vinyl)

Recorded in native DSD 256 (256 times higher than CD resolution) format
The recording has not been edited


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Estonian music professionals have recorded the sound of the Estonian Organs with the first album from APSoon – Paide Church Organ. The album features the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Max Reger and Rudolf Tobias performed by Andres Uibo.

It was recorded with B&K 4006, Sonodore RCM-402, Sonodore LDM-54 and Sonodore MPM-81 Microphones, Rens Heijnis battery powered preamp, Mogami and Van Damme Cables and the Horus Analog to Digital Converter from Merging Technologies in Stereo DSD 256 at the Paide Church in Estonia on September 2, 2021.

Organist and Music Professor Andres Uibo, Sound Director Priit Kuulberg and Sound Engineer Aular Soon are re-recording a series of albums originally issued in 1970-1990 titled ‘Estonian Organs’. This album, Paide Church Organ, is the first in this series and it will be officially released in October 2022. The album is available now as an early release at NativeDSD. The second one, Niguliste Church Organ, is scheduled for release in 2023.

Using DSD recording technology, and inviting organists from all over the world, the APSoon team aims to record the sound of the organs in Estonian Churches, and publish them in Pure DSD Stereo at NativeDSD, and have since been transferred to analog vinyl.


Ludwig van Beethoven Viis pala mehaanilisele orelile WoO 33 / Fünf Stücke für die Flötenuhr
(1770–1827) 1. Allegro non più molto
2. Allegretto. Trio
3. Adagio assai
4. Scherzo. Trio
5. Allegro


Rudolf Tobias Koraalieelmäng tsüklist „12 koraalieelmängu orelile“
(1873–1918) / Zwölf Choralvorspiele
3. „Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit“

Max Reger Pala tsüklist „12 pala orelile“ op 59
(1873–1916) / 12 Stücke für Orgel
9. „Benedictus“

Rudolf Tobias Koraalieelmäng tsüklist „12 koraalieelmängu orelile“
10. „Nun ruhen alle Wälder“

Max Reger Pala tsüklist „12 pala orelile“ op 59
11. „Melodia“

Rudolf Tobias Koraalieelmäng tsüklist „12 koraalieelmängu orelile“
11. „Frölich soll mein Herze springen“

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